creating ayurvedic self-care rituals for autumn + winter

sunday: november 11th  1130am -230pm

this workshop hosted by shea, an ayurvedic yoga specialist, dives into one of shea’s favorite topics; self-care rituals for health and well-being.  shea’s scope of practice focuses on using daily self-care rituals, yoga/movement, food/6 tastes, and spiritual/inspirational practices to support the four basic ayurvedic guidelines for healing (reducing our elemental excess, stabilizing our digestive fire, reducing toxins, and building our vitality).  


during this workshop you will learn to create self-care rituals rooted in the self-healing science of ayurveda.  as the seasons shift our self-care rituals should be modified so as to balance our inner and outer environments. creating balance each season keeps us feeling our most vital, supports our immune function, and harnesses our body’s natural powers of adaptability and resiliency; allowing us to feel grounded, happy, and healthy.


we will discuss daily self-care rituals that can be incorporated throughout the year, their benefits, and how to perform each ritual.  shea will also include self-care rituals that are specific to the colder seasons of autumn and winter. you will leave the workshop with easily accessible self-care habits that you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine.  you will also leave the workshop with a basic understanding of ayurvedic concepts and how they apply to your personal health and well-being.


please bring something to write with as well as a journal.  you will receive a handout with information and resources that you can take with you but you may want a journal for more in-depth note taking.


there will be no physical asana practice but please wear comfortable clothing as we will be sitting on the floor.


due to the nature of this workshop, please register by monday, november 5th.  


date: sunday, november 11th

time:  1130 am - 230 pm

investment:  By 10/31 - $40

                       After 10/31 - $50

past events

vata + pitta + kapha: understanding your ayurvedic body type blueprint

september 16th
1130am - 230pm

ayurveda is a powerful holistic healing science that offers us the tools to live our most vital life. by knowing our ayurvedic blueprint we hold a deeper understanding of our inherent strengths and our possible challenges. with this knowledge we are able to make informed decisions that will keep us thriving and healthy. ayurveda understands that no two people are the same which means that there is no one right path to health and healing. 

if you would like to discover your ayurvedic blueprint and know more about your personal path to living a healthy and balanced life, please join shea for her upcoming workshop!

during this three hour workshop you will touch on the history and philosophy of ayurveda. you will dive deep into the three doshas and their elemental qualities, discovering your personal blueprint. you will also learn how to read your blueprint and make informed decisions regarding your health and well-being.

early bird registration (sign up before 9/8/18) - $35
regular registration - $45