feeling burned out? low energy? fatigue? come back to your inner home with this ojas restore salt soak.  ojas is our primal nectar.  it is like our "tank," our energy reserve.  it's that juicy quality of life and without that sweet nectar, we become dry, burned out.  we have to take time to slow down and restore.  let this blend of organic milk powder, and epsom salt with nourishing herbs and oils like organic passion flower (a great adaptogen), organic lavender, organic calandula, lavender oil, roman chamomile oil, frankincense oil, and myrrh oil, relax, refresh, and restore your juicy flow!


available in an 8oz package (3 cups) or pack of 2 single use (1/2 cup each) herbal bath bags.


8oz option - add 1/2 - 1 cup to warm running water 

tea - toss one bag into warm bath

ojas restore salt soak

  • i want you to be happy with your purchase so please contact me if you aren't 100% satisfied.