abhyanga is the ancient anointing of the body with oil.  if possible, self-massage should be done daily for 15 minutes.  benefits of self-massage are: nourishes the body, decreases the effects of aging, strengthens the body's tolerance, increases circulation, increased longevity and much more. for vata dosha, daily self-massage is calming to the nervous system and grounding when feeling scattered.  


this blend is made with cooling and soothing organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, geranium essentail oil, theraputic grade lime essential oil, theraputic grade spearmint essentail oil, sandalwood essential oil, theraputic grade fennel essential oil. 


how to use: warm oil in a bowl or sink of hot water while you prepare your massage area.  i suggest a quiet space away from any distractions.  put your cell phone away, and all electronics off.  these next 15 minutes are for you and your self-care routine.  spread one or two towels down, find a comfortable seat and just begin to notice your breathing.  after a few deep and calming breaths, you can begin your massage by pouring a little of the warm oil into your palm.  rubbing palms togther and beginning at your scalp, begin massaging the oil into your skin.  from your scalp, move to your face, then neck (upward strokes only), then your chest, arms, belly, back, thighs, knees, shins, feet and toes.  using long stokes on the body and circular massage on your joints.  make sure to massage the bottom of your feet, your palms, and in between your fingers and toes.  after you are covered in oil, find a comfortable seat for several minutes;  eyes closed and focused on your breath.  notice how much more grounded you feel and hopefully rejunivated.  from here, slowly make your way to the shower, dry brushing (using a washcloth, dry brush, or silk gloves) the excess oil and then taking your normal shower. 


for days that you don't have time for a full abhyanga session, just massage your hands and feet before bed for a similar soothing effect. 

pitta abhyanga massage oil

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