herbs aren't just for tea, my loves.  imagine relaxing deeply into a warm bath filled with nourishing herbs.  the sensual and serene combination of organic rose, organic jasmine, organic milk powder, organic lavender, rose oil, lavender oil, jasmine oil, and epsom salt will leave your mind relaxed and your skin soft.  these herbs not only work on a physical level but a mental and emotional level as well.  rose and jasmine are soothing as well as sensual, lavender is relaxing, while milk is nourishing and the epsom salt purfying.  step out of your bath feeling rejuvenated and full of shakti (feminine force). 


available in an 8oz package (3 cups) or pack of 2 single use (1/2 cup each) herbal bath bags.


8oz bag - add 1/2 -1 cup to warm running water

tea - place one tea bag into a warm bath

sensual and serene salt soak

  • i want you to be happy with your purchase so please contact me if you aren't 100% satisfied.