vata dosha - the elements of space and air - the qualities of cold, light, mobile, dry, rough, hard, subtle, clear, quick.


when vata dosha is balanced we are creative, clear-minded, energetic, etheral, 

when vata dosha is imbalanced we can experience dry skin, constipation, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, gas, and bloating...just to name a few.


ayurveda uses counterbalancing lifestyle approaches to help prevent imbalances.  so to balance excess qualities of vata (cold, dry, hard, mobile, rough, clear, subtle, and quick), this bundle uses warming, grounding, and supportive herbs, spices, and oils.  to enhance your vata balancing bundle, add the tips + recipe booklet.  this booklet will cover abhyanga techniques specific to vata imbalances, recipes that will incorporate the vata churna, herb suppliment suggestions, and lifestyle tips for living in balance with the seasons and your dosha.


this kit comes with the following:

* 4oz vata balancing abhyanga oil

* 2 single-use vata balancing herbal tea salt soaks

* 1oz vata churna spice mix

* 4 single-use bags of vata balancing herbal chai tea blend

* 15ml vata balancing essential oil rollerball blend


optional add-ons:

* vata balancing tips and recipe booklet

vata balance bundle

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