herbal spiced chai is a delicious beverage for generating internal warmth and keeping the digestive fire burning. included are 6 single use tea bags of hand blended chai tea for balancing vata. this blend is warming, grounding, and soothing.


ingredients: organic cardamom, organic cinnamon chips, organic ginger, organic ashwagandha, organic licorice, organic tulsi (holy basil).  unbleached tea bag. 


directions: bring either one cup water or one cup milk of your choice (milk-alternatives are great too) to boil.  if using dairy milk, bring to a boil 3 times.  add tea bag and let steep 3-5 minutes.  enjoy or let cool and then sweeten with honey.  ayurveda doesn't recommend heating/cooking honey so let the chai cool until you can pass the pinky test (dip pinky into the liquid for 10 seconds comfortably), then add the sweetner. 



vata balancing chai tea blend

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