Journal Prompts
Day 1.

How full is your “tank” at present? If full, what keeps it full?  If low/empty, what is depleting it?

Day 2.

How often do you take a moment to check-in with yourself? Asking yourself “How does my body feel? How does my breath flow? How is my mind moving? What is it that I need at this moment ?”

Day 3.

What are the signs that your “tank” is running low or on empty?  What physical, mental, emotional sensations do you experience? Is it your habit to ignore these signs or shift your attention to refilling your tank?

Day 4.

When you hear or see the word “rest” what comes to mind? Do you feel any resistance to resting? If so, how does resistance show up...a physical sensation? Where in your body is it located?  Is it a thought or feeling?

Day 5.

When is the last time you truly felt like you allowed yourself to rest?  Where were you? Were you doing something particular?

Day 6.

Make a list of 8-10 things that “fill your tank”...replenish you, nourish you.  Can you commit to doing at least 2 of those things every day? If not, what keeps you from saying yes?

Day 7.

Have you been able to practice the deep relaxation that was offered? If so, what have you noticed? Mood? Energy level? Clarity? Inspiration? If you’ve not practiced, why? (no self judgement, just let yourself journal your thoughts/feelings)

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