Journal Prompts
Day 1.

How do you show up when your tank is full compared to when your tank is running low/empty? Is your work productive? Are you able to keep commitments? How does it affect  your relationships with yourself and/or others?

Day 2.

Are there certain tasks or associations with others that drain your tank quickly? What purpose do they serve by keeping them in your life?

Day 3.

Journal about a time when you ignored the “running on empty” signs and kept going.  What happened? How did you feel in mind, body, spirit? Did it affect other things or people in your life?

Day 4.

Do you feel that you deserve rest? Relaxation? Replenishment?

Day 5.

Have you noticed a difference in unconscious rest (sleep) and conscious rest (meditation, pranayama techniques, deep relaxation) and how it affects you? Mood? Creativity? Hunger? Energy level? Breathing? Etc.

Day 6.

Nearing the end of this third week, have you been able to practice the pranayama techniques? If so, what have you noticed? Mood? Energy level? Clarity? Inspiration? If you’ve not practiced, why? (no self judgement, just let yourself journal your observations)

Day 7.

At the end of this 21 day journey, what practice or practices have you connected to the most?  The least? Why?